About Us


  • The Home Tissue Culture Group originated as “Kitchen Culture Education Technologies, Inc. (KCET) in Wisconsin in August 2007 by Carol M. Stiff, founder of Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc.
  • KCET received 501(c)3 status in June 2008
  • KCET moved to Washington in 2010
  • KCET changed named to Home Tissue Culture Group in 2013
  • HTCG choose to dissolve in 2015
  • HTCG was reincorporated in Washington in 2020 and has applied for reinstatement of the 501(c)3 status.
  • Our mission has not changed since our origin in 2007


Our mission is to teach and promote home/classroom plant tissue culture for the
benefit of hobbyists, students, teachers, and all plant lovers, enabling them to have a lifelong knowledge and appreciation of plant culture

  • To support the Home Tissue Culture Listserv which was created to share experiences with professionals, non-professionals and those with limited experience in plant tissue culture
  • To help people share ideas, protocols, recipes and sources of information with each other via a website, virtual newsletters and other means as needed.
  • To work closely with K-14 teachers and students to help them learn and understand the benefits of home/classroom plant tissue culture, and help them include it in their classrooms in an affordable way.
  • To encourage national, regional, and/or community meetings of hobbyists, Master Gardeners, nurserymen, teachers, students and any plant lover interested in home plant tissue culture
  • To pursue grant monies that aid in our overall goals


  • Kitchen Culture Kits Inc. is owned by Carol Stiff, who is the founder of Home Tissue Culture Group, the non-profit 501(c)3 company. Carol Stiff and Kitchen Culture Kits, Inc. have provided the funds for the organization, legal fees, and establishment of the website. Bylaws of HTCG include strict rules to prevent conflict of interest.
  • Coming soon: Board of Directors Information and other legal “stuff”